FutureMap Foundation provides mentoring and financial support for talented young individuals who travel and undertake projects that use qualitative and quantitative research to promote international cooperation. We also donate maps from our work to educational institutions.

Today’s “digital natives” need a new tool kit. There are more young people alive today than ever in history: Forty percent of the world population is under the age of twenty-four. These “first globals” identify connectivity and sustainability as their prime values. They aren’t automatically loyal to the establishment at home or feel secure behind the borders that separate them from “others” abroad. They believe their destiny is not only to belong to political states but to connect across them. By 2025, the whole world’s population will likely be connected to mobile phones and the Internet. As life becomes more connected, we must adjust our maps accordingly.
— Dr. Parag Khanna, Connectography

We support intrepid and progressive youth seeking to build connections across borders.