The Belt & Road Heat Map

Your Guide to the World’s Largest Coordinated Investment Program


FutureMap offers clients updated analysis of the unfolding Belt & Road Initiative (BRI), the largest coordinated infrastructure investment program in world history.

BRI represents the rapid transformation of the Eurasian megacontinent that began with the collapse of the Soviet Union nearly three decades ago, followed by the rise of China as a global trade and investment power, the energy supercycle connecting West Asian energy supplies with East Asian markets, India’s role as the world’s fastest growing large economy and soon its most populous country, accelerating trade integration across the region, and Europe’s expanding commercial and investment ties with Asia--all combined with the forces of demographic shifts, market deepening, and rapid urbanization.

FutureMap’s integrated team of risk analysts, scenario planners, and data scientists will provide you with actionable guidance to effectively navigate Eurasia’s complex milieu. We offer our clients:

  • Updated analysis of Chinese and multilateral lending and investment portfolios for more than two dozen BRI member states.

  • Scenarios based on trends and potential shifts related to project finance, political risk, geopolitical disruption and other variables.

  • Country-specific assessment of fiscal priorities and spending, as well as economic sensitivity analysis to Chinese and other external financing.

  • Country and sector specific market entry reports and facilitation.

  • Rich data visualization of current and forecasted economic patterns, infrastructure networks, and other cross-border flows.

Our network of partners, analysts, and associates has rich knowledge and insight into BRI member states. We work closely with our clients and sources to customize the Belt & Road Heat Map to your needs.